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Well Kim I was here, and even though my eyes started to glaze over when you got to microclimates, I plowed through and kinda sorta get it. I think I'm in Zone 5 but I could be totally wrong - you do know I'm so totally not a gardener, right? LOL


There is store here called Zone 8 but I saw a map that had us at Zone 10


Jim, I don't know. How's that for an answer? I guess Erie and Ontario moderate your weather like the Chesapeake Bay does for areas East of me. To answer your question, I guess it depends on your enclosed sunny space. Is it protected from the wind? How cold does it get in the winter there? If it were me, and I really, really wanted the plant, I'd give it a try.

One thing - at our new house, I have southern exposure against the house (but no ell) for my rosemary and lavender. Neither made it through the first winter. Then I bought varieties of each known for cold tolerance, and now I have nice sized mature plants. I guess what I'm trying to get to here is that if you want to experiment, see if there is a variety that is known to be more cold tolerant. And good luck.


I was zoning out there for a minute. I'm back. And in Zone 6a. Although south of me are Zones 5a 5b.

I think we a zone warmer than south of us because lakes Erie and Ontario keep us warmer longer through the winter.

So, if I create a microclimate in my enclosed sunny space, can I get away with Zone 7 plants?

It's all so confusing.


Thanks. I've got a fairly wind averting back yard that gets sun almost all day (in spots). I will actively buy a Zone 7 this summer and see how it does. I've always hesitated 'cause I hate the thought of killing a plant (not to mention throwing money down the drain!) but I'll be brave.


I'm in zone 7, but the Sunst Western Garden book has me in zone 6 . I've had luck with a range of plants from zones 6, 7 and occasionally 8. Just depends on where I put them in the garden. I've had a Chilian jasmine for a couple years but it's in a very sheltered place.


Plants in my area are definitely in the Dead Zone.

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