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I am a reluctant gardener.

I am a reluctant gardener.

I am a reluctant gardener. I don't suppose I am reluctant today, but I sure started out that way. My mother was obsessed with her garden, visiting it just before she left for work each morning and as soon as she got home every afternoon. As a high-schooler, I certainly didn't appreciate picking grocery bags full of peas and butterbeans and then helping shell them after dinner. But I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I am a girl who is happiest when my hands are in the dirt. I guess that makes me a gardener. Once I was out on my own, it was pots on the balcony. As soon as I had dirt, I was digging in it. While I can't grow all the things my mother grows in Florida, here in Maryland I can grow many of them and other wonderful things besides. And grow I do on my half acre. Garden Man and I are slowly reclaiming it after years of neglect and creating the gardens of our dreams.

I hope the experiences I share here will help you garden or entertain you, maybe both. I’m located in the Mid-Atlantic region in Zone 7. I do a little vegetable gardening in a flowerbed next to my house. The rest of my half acre is a work in progress. I’m a hopeless plant collector, so I have a lot of plants. Some of my favorite shrubs are Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’ (sweetspire) and all manner of Viburnums. I don’t think I could live without Oxydendrum arboreum, or Sourwood, and Cercis canadensis, or Redbud, trees. Perennials? Are you kidding? The web’s not big enough for my list, but I’ll list my absolute favorites: all manner of lilies, especiall orientals, Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart), Hosta in every shape and form, Heuchera in every shape and form, and pretty much any woodland plant. See, I told you I was hopeless. So, come along and enjoy the gardening ride!

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