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Cameron (Defining Your Home Garden)

I think we all suffer from the same affliction...and we're all enablers of this plant addiction! There's never enough space for all the plants that I'd love to have. Hampered by deer, I am really envious of the roses, hostas, daylilies and hydgrangeas! I have to get my fill by touring the blogs! It's a great network of like-minded folks. I've never met a gardener that I didn't like! :-) Cameron

Cameron, I think you're right about that affliction, er, addiction. This is the first year the deer have been a problem for us, and we're learning to cope. The squirrels have devastated our azaleas and hydrangeas, believe it or not, and they seem to be doing it for sport. And I'm with you, so far, I've not met a gardener I didn't like. - Kim


Hi Kim, thanks so much for all that link love, I am overwhelmed. I too saw Adrian Higgins article, I never miss his garden stories, and felt gratified that he saw the beauty of the sheffies and wanted to spread the word. Why more nurseries don't sell it I have no idea, it is superior to the others. I do the same thing with other's blogs too, making lists of plants I didn't even know existed buy MUST HAVE!



Kim, Hey, imagine my delighted surprise when I popped over here to see if you had posted! Thank you for the link! I so love the salvias and found another one to add to the list! S greggii, Wild Watermelon; with of course, watermelon red flowers! It called from across the grounds! I wish the nursery did online orders, they would be a good source for your plant acquisition issues! While wandering around there, several adorable plants hopped into my arms. Now where shall they be planted? I found the Sheffies at Bluestone. Before I order anything from a nursery...I check them out at Dave's Garden (In Google I type Scoop on then insert the nursery name...up pops Dave's info page on that nursery with many reviews). You might already know this info!



I had the same mind set as you about the mums, but I definitely like the Sheffies you linked to. I may have to find some room in my backyard redo next year for some of those.

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