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Those maples are great! That blazing red color is fantastic. That's why maples are one of my favorite trees for fall color.


Sugar Maples are the best for Fall color.Love the picture and the shades of reds.

Nancy Bond

Spectacular! All the fall color is beautiful, but I don't think any tree can rival the maple. :)



Your past their prime maples are still better then our fall color has been! Beautiful colors. Sugar Maples are just fantastic trees! Your cul-de-sac
is lovely.


Northern Shade

You have some fantastic borrowed scenery there. It looks like your neighbourhood is well treed. We don't have the sugar maples in Alberta, so we don't get as many fiery red fall colours.


Very nice trees and color. But I have to say, I love all Japanese maples most-fall color or not:) and yours looks nice there. What a good view.


We live on a cul-de-sac also... aren't they great for privacy? Yours is beautiful ...especially with the brilliant color of the sugar maples giving you a smile.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel


Hiya Kim,

That is a lovely outlook. And attractive in all seasons. Are those beech trees behind the maples? Looks like a park. Nice for a morning run/walk/stroll?

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