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Happy Bloom Day my small as-tered friend! Lovely photos, no really they are excellent! The lobelia is a keeper, I like the red; it reminds me of Lobelia 'Ruby Slippers'! Now onto the fuschia which is a really good looking plant! I have never gotten one because there is no way I want to toss away an expensive plant when I can't over winter it in the house (plant eating cat). How do you over winter it? If you ever find the name of that cute penstemmon, would you holler at me, I think it is another keeper plant! Happy Blooms Day! Gail


Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos from your garden--It's been a few years since I've grown the Gartenmeister fuschia, and your picture brought back great memories of a floriforous and tough little plant that was non-stop flowers for almost three years...maybe time for another plant of it next spring... I do like your coleus with it!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Thanks for joining in for bloom day. I agree, your aster isn't that big, or at least I've seen bigger!

And I also love it when flowers get confused in the fall and bloom just a little bit to remind us what we have to look forward to next year.

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