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Hi Kim, you are ready to hurry up and wait! Give Dave a call and be prepared to wait some more. At least you are ready whenever it does arrive. How much fun you will have getting it put up and filled with your gardening goodies, you will forget all about the waiting. :-)


First visit here, came by way of Hoe and Shovel. Can't wait to see your new shed. We just painted my girls old playhouse for a potting shed for me. He has to scoot it around and level it, bring in some dirt to scatter about so I can make a flower garden around it, I am so excited about it.


Oh, I hope you get it before Xmas! A friend of mine just got a shed for writing, not gardening, and she is over the moon. I'll cross my fingers for you!



My computer is playing games with me again...my messages are disappearing! I do hope you get your wished for garden shed...you and Garden Man have worked hard and a girl has to have her dream come true in time for Christmas! gail


I hope you get it before Christmas. Can't wait to see it. Fingers crossed.~~Dee


I hope you get that garden shed soon and your Christmas wish is fulfilled! Looks like garden man & garden punk did a great job on preparing the site for it.

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