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Look at them grow! I didn't presoak my bean seeds this year so they took a bit longer to germinate.


Hi Kim - What great news! I'm so glad it worked on the second go-round. I just sprouted my beans too and hope to get them into the ground tomorrow, this weekend was just too busy. Maybe even the ones that didn't sprout were helped along by the moisture? I don't know, same thing happened with my snap peas - I put in the ones that didn't pre-sprout just for kicks and they came up too. I've never had 100% germination before so I think it's a good thing to keep trying. Or next year, if you really wanted to get tricky, you could pre-sprout some and not others and plant them in the same spot and see if it makes a difference.


We found out the hard way that lots of critters like beans and their seeds!

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