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I love your pony! It's a gentle color~ gail


They are the most beautiful flowers and remind me of David Austin roses. I had two blooms this year. Maybe 3 next year?


Worth the wait!


OK, I thought you were getting a horse here. :) Lovely! I divided one this year and it didn't really seem to take. Whoops. Might have to start over and just wait for it to establish in a better spot. There's nothing like peonies!

Sorry Gardener

My Grandma calls them "pineys." I think she knows it's wrong, but she says she can get away with it because she's an old-timer.


Your "pony" post reminded me of a children's tale entitled "The Pony Tree", from an 1939 storybook handed down to me from my mother; a fairy gives a young boy magic seeds in response to a fervent wish for a pony. Peonies seem like a magical flower straight from from the fairies, do they not? Alas, no peonies will grow in Central Texas. Thanks for showing yours off!

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