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I love the gold yarrow, too. If I had room it would be right next to the liatris...but the sunny bed is already too full to believe. I love the fuschia you've shown; it's the perfect color and I can see how it would brighten up a shady spot...That is a wonderful list of blooms, sigh, isn't June delightful! gail


I love your yellow yarrow too, is it Moonshine possibly? They seem to do better in soil that other plants would fail to thrive in don't you think? :) Sounds like you have a wonderful assortment of plants blooming at the moment. Happy Bloom Day Kim!


I think we have a lot in common--I'm a reluctant gardener too, or as I call myself, a "late bloomer." And I have a yarrow that I transplanted when we moved to this house in 2004. I've since divided it and divided it; if I'm not careful, I'll have a whole garden of yarrow and Stella d'Oro daylilies:) Your geranium does have lovely little blooms, even if it's a monster:)


What a lovely garden!And such variety,too.I tried growing Yarrow one year,but it only lasted about 2 years,and it performed rather poorly.I guess the heat and humidity did it in.


How funny that your yarrow decided to snap to it when threatened by a "competing" plant! Maybe we should use "competitive" planting techniques more often. I agree that the fuschia is really special - and I think I may need a few little monsters of my own!


Your yarrow is further along than my Achillea 'Heidi'. Enjoyed the story about your yarrow.

chuck b.

I'm so happy they named that geranium 'Tiny Monster'--so considerate!

Sweet Bay

Love your header photo. It's gorgeous.

Patsy Bell Hobson

I have this enthusiastic Geranium. So glad to know the mame. Geranium 'Tiny Monster.' Thanks,

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