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I love your gardening blog. I'm new to gardening and appreciate all that I can learn from you garden experts.

As someone who enjoys photography too, I love your photos.

Kelly (the sorry gardener)

Volunteer dogwoods? You lucky dog. And where's my damned squash that you were supposed to be having for dinner tonight if I stopped by? LOL


Now, THAT is a dogwood picture! This is the sort of mystical misty magical thing that dogwoods do so well. For years I have been trying to capture that floating white cloud in the woods. The fog really helps make this picture. Very beautiful, and in this 90 degree Ozarks weather just looking at the image makes me feel cooler.


That is a beautiful picture. You really captured the mood of that morning.


Kim, I wish I could vote! I love this photo, dogwoods are beautiful....aren't we lucky when they decide to grow in our gardens! gail


Wow, fabulous photo! What a gorgeous tree.

Heirloom Gardener

This looks like the winner to me.

Country Mouse

Oooh - cool damp air, ladies in long white dresses, with wet hems.


This is so atmospheric. I might enter the contest... but I hope your picture wins, it is so beautiful.

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