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"That is so scary!" she says as she surveys her own bulb orders sitting on the front porch and under the carport! Kim, the rain has been relentless making it impossible top get them into the ground! Middle south dwellers can plant until December if the ground isn't frozen~~yippee! Missed your posts...glad you're back! gail

Kelly (the sorry gardener)

Oooooooooooh, you're right that's scary. I'll bet for Halloween you dressed as the spooky, wild-eyed gardening lady hunched over with a crick in her back and a bulb tool permanently attached to her hand.

Nice to hear what you've been up to. My own box (singular) calls to me. But Pacific Northwesterners can plant until February if they're sorry gardeners. LOL


Scary - In the spring realizing you planted your fall bulbs on top of other bulbs you had already planted in the same place.


Oh, I've so been there. Good to know, I'm not alone. Happy Planting!

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