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Great choices! The sweetspire is one I don't have and really want to add. Nice fall color. I'm a big fan of the coleus and always put it in the garden. It can't be beat for easy propagation either! Lilies are great too. I found last year that they can be propagated from the leaves - very useful if you want a whole bunch but it definitely takes some time for them to grow.


You picked several of my favorites, (especially the sweetspire, I just bought 2 more to go in the ground soon) and I too could not live without my sourwood or viburnums or redbud. I love that you only "picked" four, but listed so many more. It's hard, isn't it, to choose favorites!

Cindy Dyer

Speaking of coleus, have you seen the beautiful book titled, "Coleus: Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens?" It's a gorgeous book and now we finally have a reference book to look up the names of all those varieties! I have a friend who grows the "inky fingers" variety every year. She keeps a few clippings from late fall in tiny jars in her south-facing windows. Then every spring/summer she already has coleus started for her containers.


It's one of my favorite annuals, too. I love the chartreuse ones against a burgundy variety. POP!

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